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Small Demolitions Melbourne

Do you need fast, efficient, and safe removal of small structures that contain asbestos from your property? Thanks to our decades of experience and dedication Lankos Services is here to deliver unmatched asbestos removal services. In some cases, such as carports, sheds, and garages, some structures need to be completely removed due to the amount of asbestos contained within them. With our expertise in small demolitions Melbourne home and business owners can be relieved knowing that our highly trained and fully qualified team can get the job done.

To discuss the complete and safe demolition of buildings including granny flats and garages please contact our professional and knowledgeable team for a free, no-obligation quote. At Lankos Services we are committed to removing asbestos from homes and business throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area.


Need asbestos removed from your home or business? We provide Asbestos removal services to both the domestic and residential market in and around Melbourne. Contact us today for a free quote.


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